• Recent Exhibitions

    When Everything's Been Said
    ICOSA Collective, Austin, TX
    January 18th - February 15th

    When Everything’s Been Said is an exhibition of new works by Jonas Criscoe and Mark Johnson that explore the illusion of direction and the indeterminacy of visual language. Through their mixed media works both artist mimic the cacophonous nature of our contemporary environment while reflecting upon the incoherent facets of information that saturate our daily lives.

    The Austin Chronicle:WAYNE ALAN BRENNER

    Recent Exhibitions

    Mixed Media
    Site: Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    Nov 16th - Dec 17th, 2018

    Recent Publications

    International Painting Annual: Volume 3; Manifest Press
    An Exhibition-in-Print to help support the recognition, documentation, and publication of excellent, current, and relevant works of painting from around the world.

    Uncompromising Tang
    Contemporary Art Criticism by Artists for Artists